Best Slimming Services in Indirapuram

Weight loss and weight management are perhaps universal challenges. It is rare to encounter someone who hasn’t experienced this problem at some point. A weight gained due to accumulating fats is one of the things that are easier to gain and very difficult to lose. There is no end to what you have to do to shed those few pounds. This is when Romeo Wellness comes to the rescue.  

Slimming services from our wellness center have been developed to address all of the body’s uncommon and common problems. We offer a combination of various services that are generally advised, including the evaluation of your body profile and Body Mass Index (BMI). 

The approach to each body type must be tailored, and our wellness centre in Indirapuram believes in providing clients with appropriate packages according to their problem areas and wants.

Slimming Services

At Romeo Wellness, we aim to assist you in pursuing the ideal body you envision and consult on a healthy and informed lifestyle.

Inch loss Session

Losing inches around a typical fat storage area with or without weight loss is called inch loss. Having your body burn excess fat leads to losing inches in places like the waist, hips, and thighs.

A large waist circumference in inches (over 35 inches for men; over 31 inches for women) indicates that you have a large amount of belly fat. As a result of this accumulation of fat, you are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, which can also harm the heart.

We use different technologies like B-line treatment and Slimming massages for inch loss and body contouring at our slimming services in Indirapuram. They can target specific problem areas and increase microcirculation and fat burning.

Weight loss session

Your risk of developing health problems can be reduced by managing your weight. Weight gain contributes to a variety of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 

Romeo Wellness offers weight loss sessions that involve GPs, dietitians, commercial weight-loss programs, meal replacement programs (very-low-calorie diets), and calorie-controlled meals.

B-Line Reduction

The B-line reduction procedure we offer is among the best on the market. To meet our clients’ needs, we use a variety of advanced technologies. A number of clients have achieved their dream body shape by using B-line laser shaping technology at Romeo Wellness. 

Full Body Weight loss therapy

Losing one’s entire body weight while improving physical fitness and health or improving one’s appearance is referred to as a full-body weight loss. The Romeo Wellness full body weight loss therapy program combines a healthy balanced diet, reworking lifestyles, physical activity, and the addition of therapies to achieve successful weight loss.


If you want to drop a few kilos or begin a new diet regimen, cavitation is a good option. Cavitation supports the body’s natural detoxification process, making it a great post-lipo service to prevent fluid accumulation that may result in rippling. We provide our clients with immediate and painless results that continue improving for up to a week following cavitation treatment.

Size Zero Therapy

The name implies that this therapy is for those who would like to reduce their waste by two sizes. A comprehensive body therapy program is offered with results delivered through gel application, heat therapy, and body firming machines. It’s our purpose to help people lose weight effortlessly, and we are confident our extensive experience will prove beneficial to anyone!

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    Why Choose us for Slimming Services

    Weight loss is an important part of our wellness center’s mission. As a wellness center, we intend to make our client’s journey successful by offering everything to ensure they lose weight without experiencing much hassle. We provide a choice that can make a difference in your life.

    Not only that, we continuously strive to provide long-term as well as innovative fat loss solutions to our clients with a progressive approach to technology.

    In return for your trust, we:

    Frequently Asked Question

    Slimming therapy is a treatment for obesity. It teaches you how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Slimming therapy treatments kill fat cells, which are then excreted over the next few months when you’ll see results in full.

    You can burn stomach fat with in-house exercises like crunches. Crunches are one of the most effective fat-burning exercises. To begin, lie flat with your knees bent and your feet touching the ground. You can always visit our wellness center for belly fat loss in case nothing works for you.

    You can always incorporate some basic changes in your daily routine like: 

    • Consume adequate amounts of soluble fiber
    • Avoid trans fats in your diet
    • Make sure you don’t drink too much alcohol
    • Sugary foods should be limited
    • Relax your mind and body 
    • Do any exercise 
    TUCK/ AREA 2000
    CAVITATION 10000
    RF 10000
    CAVITATION + RF 15000
    Size Zero Therapy 8000
    Ayurveda Weight Loss Therapy 3000
    BODY THERAPY(60 MINS) 1200
    BODY THERAPY (90 MINS) 1500
    BACK MASSAGE(45 MINS) 1000
    BODY POLISH 2000-2500
    BODY SCRUB 1200