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Brightening Boost 1200 2000
(Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment.)
Radiance Restore 1200 2000
(The ultimate illuminating treatment, it boosts the radiance & reveals the beauty of dull & tired skin.)
Oil Balance 1200 2000
(This refreshing and rejuvenating ritual is enriched with botanical extracts and anti-oxidants that helps to reduce the excess oil and acne blemishes, balances the skin by providing a comfortable & hydrating effect to oily skin type.)
Instant Hydration 1300 2200
(It hydrates & restores the natural softness & suppleness. Lightening up the skin enhances your radiance & glow.It is recommended for skin hydration.)
VitaLift 2500
(An advance solution to address sings of aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and loss of firmness.
A non-surgical face lifting facial that substantially reduces fine lines and wrinkles.)
DermaLite 3000
(A single treatment that delivers three benefits – Instant fairness, Radiance & Healthy Glow. This gentle treatment effectively reduces & prevent melanin from forming while strengthening the skin barrier against darkening.)
O2C2 3000
(This revolutionary oxygen enzyme treatment has innovative technology that infuses fresh oxygen deep into your skin. This increases instant glow & radiance.)
Sensi Acne 3000
(An anti-bacterial treatment using anti-inflammatory ingredient’s for troubled and sensitive skin with acne.)
Sensi N zyme 3000
(A gentle exfoliating treatment for sensitive skin that enhance skins protective barrier and keep it safe from all environmental irritant.)

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