Best Hair Patches in Indirapuram

With the advancement and emergence of technology, people have started to understand its crucial role in our daily lives. Hair patches, being one of them.

Hair loss is a disturbing and overwhelming factor in every individual’s life that can cause stress and anxiety. These days youngsters are also suffering from acute hair-fall and baldness due to daily stress, poorly-maintained diet, pollution, and the list goes on. It has led to a drastic change in appearance and lack of confidence. 

Hair patches are so far the best solution to eradicate hair loss issues. There are wide ranges of hair patches available that look natural and fulfil your needs, such as colour, size, and type of finish.

Hair Patch

Artificial hair restoration or a hair patch is a simple yet effective non-surgical treatment that involves placing a patch of hair or extension over the baldness region of the scalp. If you are losing your day-night sleep or getting bald, it is time you should consider one.

In this spectacular procedure, specialists attach hair patches onto the scalp with the help of cosmetic glue or clips. These are exceptionally safe and will not cause any allergic reactions.

These hair patches naturally fit your scalp and perfectly compliments your hair colour, texture, and density.

It is suitable for people who:


Hair Wig VS Hair Patch

Irrespective of whether you choose a hair patch or a wig, the purpose of using these hair accessories is to make you look strong and confident and to give your hair a reliable and natural look.

Before you choose one, it is crucial to understand the difference and significance between both. The prime difference between both of the accessories is the area of the scalp that it covers. 

A hair wig covers your entire scalp. Many individuals suffer from Alopecia Universalis, Alopecia Totalis, and post-effects of chemotherapy, resulting in complete baldness or total hair loss. Using a hair wig would be the best possible solution, as it will cover your entire head, giving it a more natural appearance.

A hair patch covers a specific spot of the scalp that has suffered hair loss. Individuals who suffer from cancer or radiotherapy, chemical, and pollution, start experiencing thinning of hair, hair loss, and bald spots. A hair patch will conceal those areas, thereby adding volume to thin hair and hiding bald regions.

Benefits of Hair Patch

A hair patch is a small accessory that is nothing but a wig patch that has a silicon base and uses natural or synthetic hair. The porous base helps in the proper oxidation and weaving of natural hair on it.

Advantages of getting a hair patch treatment are:

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    Why Us for Hair Patches

    Hair patches are not a permanent solution. If you undergo this treatment, make sure that you regularly visit your hairstylists in four to six months: as the glue or weave may start getting loose after a while.

    At Romeo’s Wellness, our experts understand the reasons behind the different types of hair fall. Keeping in mind both non-medical and medical reasons, we extend the finest products in the market to resolve your issues.

    We provide suitable and long-lasting hair patches for both men and women. Our hair patch treatment will provide you with a head full of hair and will help you restore the lost confidence.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Irrespective of age and gender, anyone can avail of this treatment. General health is not taken into consideration as it is a non-surgical procedure.

    No! You can resume your work after the treatment. Just maintain good hygiene. The way you would do for your natural hair.

    No, the results are not permanent. Replace it after every year. These patches are attached to the scalp, hence are temporary.

    Hair patches are designed to complement natural hair that perfectly fits your scalp, giving you an enhanced appearance, better than before.
    It can last up to six to eight months without having to replace it, provided that you use a top-notch quality product. If used roughly, it will not even last more than four months.

    The best part of using a hair patch is that it is a non-surgical procedure, and is safe to use, and has zero side effects. Provided that you maintain regular hygiene, it is safe to use. The cosmetic clips and glue applied in the procedure are clinically proven. It will not cause any allergic reactions on your scalp.

    Alopecia is a condition where an individual starts losing hair in the form of patches. These are often unnoticeable, but later these patches connect and start becoming noticeable.

    There is no cure for Alopecia. Symptoms include losing hair on other facial areas- eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, and other body parts. But this treatment of hair can beautifully cover up hair loss.

    The hair patch cost differs from person to person and from place to place. The amount of scalp to be covered, the amount of volume you wish to add, and other miscellaneous factors will decide the cost. 

    Hair Patches