Top 7 Bridal Makeup Trends in India for 2022

Every bride wants to look trendy and beautiful at their wedding. Wedding day shenanigans are hectic; deciding on the dress and shoes are just the first step to your wedding look. What adds life to your wedding dress is your makeup, and finding a makeup artist who will deliver what they promise is of utmost importance. Your makeup can make or break the look, so be careful while finalizing your makeup artist.

On your wedding day, your bridal cosmetics and outfit must coordinate. Now, you will choose your bridal attire and obtain the appropriate makeup. You cannot ignore the changes in the coming year’s beauty trends. The styles for Indian bridal makeup trends are always evolving. Brides naturally want to remain on top of the newest cosmetics trends, which might change at anytime. Here’s a run down of all the bridal makeup trends you ought to watch out for. Theses trends are not only on point & chic, but will surely make you stand out from the other brides this year!

Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Look

This bridal beauty style is for you if you like your makeup to be strong yet elegant. Dark and matte smokey eye shadow, thick kohl-rimmed eyes, and contoured cheekbones, as seen on Anamika Khanna’s runways, Ridhi Mehra’s, and Shyamal Bhumika’s, will undoubtedly make you sparkle on your big day.

Not only is this look elegant, but with a little creativity and color experimenting, you can turn into the trendsetter bride you’ve always wanted. Add dramatic lashes, keps the lips bare with nude lipcolor, pink cheeks, and a messy low bun to complete the look.

Makeup that combines smoky and pastel eyes give you the best of both worlds. You have dramatic smokey eye makeup complemented with calming pastels to balance out colors. This makeup trend appears to be becoming increasingly popular among brides; therefore, we think it will be huge this year.

Classic Kohl Eye Makeup Look

An intense kohled eye is stylish and goes great with a millennial, modern bride’s schedule. All the Bollywood actresses commonly sport it, making it the preferred eye look. Katrina Kaif’s bridal makeup style taught us that “less is more.” It was best to choose a delicate, neutral makeup palette given Katrina’s bold red lehenga. Her full lips were complemented by a subtle eyeshadow wash, naturally colored brows, and kohl-filled eyes.

Indians have lined their eyes’ upper and lower waterlines for generations. There is a cause for it, too. 

This method makes the eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more alluring. This eye makeup looks fantastic on Indians! We adore this Indian makeup look, which makes up for great photos, so it seems sensible that celebrities follow this style. As eyeliner tends to hide natural lashes, wear thick lashes.

Minimalist Makeup Look

Small, private weddings have grown in popularity recently. It is anticipated that brides will continue to choose a minimalist look this year. They have chosen to wear natural makeup because it looks stunning, is charming, and encourages body confidence.

These factors have made minimal makeup, and no makeup looks the most popular bridal beauty trends for 2022. A flawless base, pale pink lips, a small amount of blush on each cheek for a flushed appearance, and glittering eye makeup accentuated with mascara and eyeliner are all components of minimalist makeup.

Cutting Crease Makeup Look

Cut crease style eyeshadow is one of the most elegant and timeless eye makeup trends that continues to rank among the top 10 bridal beauty trends. This makeup look, as seen in Lakme Fashion Week, is ideal if you want to give the eyes depth and make them appear more open.

This season, burgundy, bronze, deep brown, black, and other dark tones are preferred crease colors for brides. Add a smokey winged eyeliner, defined cheekbones, blinding highlighter, and your preferred matte lipstick color to complete this dramatic look. You can even add glitter to your crease to add more drama and bling.

The Dewy Bridal Makeup Look

Brides desire to appear more youthful and fresh in 2022. Although achieving a dewy look might be challenging, brides are up for any challenge regarding the ideal wedding look. You can choose this look if you want a natural makeup look. You can always rely on a reputable makeup artist if that’s the look you want.

Remember that the secret to getting a light dewy appearance is looking as natural as possible. So, instead of wearing heavy eye makeup, try bare lips and muted eyes that accentuate your natural beauty. A nice primer and a dewy foundation work together flawlessly in this situation topped with a dewy setting spray to keep the makeup intact allnight and you looking fresh throughout the ceremony.

Gold Eye with Red Lip Look

This seductive bridal beauty trend, seen most prominently on Manish Malhotra’s brides, demands romantic orangey-red lipstick paired with defined golden eyes and a fresh face with a strategically placed highlighter. Most of the work or embroidery on bridal lehengas is also golden, making this style a foolproof choice for your wedding day makeup because the whole ensemble looks harmonious. Your OTT jewellery will also receive much-needed attention with this style.

This striking red lip and rich, golden eye combination will stand out in every photo and be ideal for daytime and evening weddings. Place the golden shimmer above your pupil in the center of your lid to highlight the shape and color of your eyes. Blend a darker bronze into the crease for a more gilded bronzed eye effect. And don’t forget to add a little highlight to the collarbones to make the most of your choli’s stunning sweetheart neckline.

Classic Wing and Coral Lip Look

Consider wearing wing eyeliner to your wedding. The most recent campaigns from Falguni & Shane Peacock and Sabyasachi have brought back the classic wing and we are here for it. When deciding on the wedding eye makeup look, there is no right or wrong choice, so don’t be afraid to flaunt the bold winged eyeliner at the altar if you prefer it that way. Because regardless of the bridal cosmetic trend you decide to embrace, the most important thing is to feel beautiful on your wedding day.

As a result, choose velvety browns for your eyelids to draw attention to your eye shape, and finish with a thick, strong winged liner to complete the effect. For a simple yet gorgeous bridal look, use the statement-winged liner with dewy, radiant face makeup, coral lipstick, and a comparable shade of blush. You can easily transition the look daily to night with a simple lipstick touch. It’s timeless yet modern, and perfect for a wedding in the tropics.


This year’s bridal makeup trends have something to offer every bride-to-be with an extra-special, wedding-day touch, whether you’re the type to embrace high-fashion glamour at every opportunity or like to keep things quiet and natural. Discuss these trendy looks with your decided makeup artists, brainstorm ideas, and suggest which makeup trend will make your features pop most beautifully. A good makeup artist can suggest what suits you the best and will go well with your outfit. If you want to book an experienced professional makeup artist in Indirapuram, contact us to book your dream team for your wedding day. Never stop experimenting, but also be sure and confident of what you decide, as confidence is the best makeup trend you can wear on your big day.