Best Beauty Services in Indirapuram

When we talk about beauty, you can already see girls and women eager to become a part of the self-exploration voyage- NOW MORE THAN EVER! The beauty industry is going through a transformation in terms of innovative trend treatments.

Romeo’s Wellness, one of the leading beauty salons in Indirapuram, is the one-stop solution for all your beauty concerns, latest beauty trends, and must-have beauty products. Our vision reflects luxury, convenience, efficiency, and innovation in our extravagant services.

Facials and Rituals

These days, women selflessly indulge in facial and rituals involving organic products and natural procedures to enjoy the spectacular journey of rejuvenating their skin. And we believe in providing comprehensive services to our divas without disturbing their bank balance and compromising needs.


Luxury facials/Rituals

Clean Ups

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Body Polishing/ Rejuvenation

Brimming with natural essential oils and vitamins, our body polishing rituals are pretty darn mystical and will impart radiance to your skin. In the end, you’ll have no choice but to align yourself in the chorus of high praises


Waxing and Cleaning Services

Hands and Feet Beauty Services




SPA Manicure

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    Frequently Asked Question

    The function of a beauty salon is to provide women and men with cosmetic treatments. Salons are known for their professional haircut and style, manicures and pedicures, cosmetics, makeup, and makeovers.
    A beauty parlor is a compact place with limited services. It is primarily a small portion of the owner’s house that is community-friendly. A beauty salon, on the other hand, is spacious and is located in an enclosed space. It comprises a wide range of services and has a team of skilled professionals.
    The beauty parlour in Indirapuram you prefer for your services, the experience of the professional, the skin type, and the type of service you wish to have are some of the significant factors that decide the cleanup cost.
    Beauty Services
    Threading 50
    Upperlips Threading 30
    SideLocks 100
    Chin 30
    Forehead 100
    Full Face 250
    Upperlips Wax 70
    Chin Wax 70
    SideLocks 150
    Forehead 150
    Full Face 400
    De-tan Pack Face 600
    De-tan Pack Cheryl Face 700
    Bleach Face Oxy 350
    Oxy Derm 500
    Full Body Bleach 1500
    Arms 400
    Legs 500
    Front 400
    Back 400
    De-Tan Full Body 2000
    Arms 700
    Legs 800
    Waxing Services HoneyChocolate Rica
    Full Arms 350 450 600
    Full Legs 400 500 700
    Half Legs 350 450 600
    Underarms 70 100 150
    Front 350 450 600
    Half Front 250 350 500
    Back 350 450 600
    Bikni Line 300 400 500
    Brazilian 500 650 800-1200
    Buttocks 500 650 800
    Full Body w/o Brazilian 1500 1800 2200
    Full Body with Brazilian 1800 2100 2500
    Front wax(Male) 800 1100 1500
    Back Wax (Male) 00 1100 1500
    Hands & Feet
    Manicure 600
    Pedicure 700
    Crystal Manicure 1000
    Crystal Pedicure 1200
    Aroma Manicure 1000
    Aroma Pedicure 1200
    Manicure with Paraffin 800
    Pedicure with Paraffin 900
    Alga Pedicure 1200
    Alga Manicure 1000
    Alga P/C with Nector 1500
    Alga M/C with Nector 1200

    Beauty Services